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We have been hard at work the for the last week trying to incorporate all your feedback into a new demo build. We have managed to get about 90% of your suggestions in there. The following is a list of new features.

Control System

  • Full Pan, Rotation and Zoom control using only left and right mouse buttons with Key presses (No middle mouse button)


  • Spec and Diffuse sliders
  • Texture on off switch
  • Background brightness slider
  • Flat Shaded Mode
  • Black and white mode


  • Rim light brightness and angle sliders
  • Spot / Directional light switch
  • Ambient intensity slider


  • Field of view slider
  • New control system


  • Tone mapping switch
  • Vignette switch
  • Floor on and off switch

As with the last build we would really appreciate your comments and feedback so if you have time we would love to know your thoughts.

Β Screen Grabs from build 1.2