Hand Sheet Small2

We are still working on anatomy 360 adding lots of new features, the application has been rewritten from the ground up to incorporate all the features you guys have been asking for. As well as capturing full bodies we are scanning as many hands in as many poses as we can. were hoping to release a demo at some point in the next few months. In the mean time please feel free to download our super high res hand sheet using the link below

Download high resolution hand sheet (5472 px x 5048 px)




One of the many advantages of studying from 3d rather than traditional 2d Photographs or drawings is the ability to slice into the model to revel the cross section at any particular point, this feature has now been integrated into the latest version of the app so keep your eye peeled. These individual cross section images can be downloaded using the link below.

Download Free hand slice images




Sneak preview of the slice tool in action.



As with all our scans were not just capturing the shape were also getting full colour texture maps.


Our system can capture multiple poses all of which can and will be available in the viewer when its finally finished.


Using over 150 cameras gives us unparalleled fidelity and using a few processing tricks we can get everything right down to the finger prints.