An écorché (French pronunciation: ​[ekɔʁʃe]) is a figure drawn, painted, or sculpted showing the muscles of the body without skin, normally as a figure study for a work, or as an exercise in training. Renaissance architect and theorist, Leon Battista Alberti recommended that when painters intend to depict a nude, they should first arrange the muscles and bones, then depict the overlying skin.

We are going to create both a male and female ecorche models for our viewer. The difference being these will be based on scan data so the proportions and underlying muscles will be about as accurate as we can get without chopping someone up or some how standing them up in and MRI machine.. What we need to know from you guys is which pose you would like? Something traditional or maybe something a bit more dynamic. Below are 398 poses we captured a few weeks ago, if you have time please just comment in the box below which pose you think might be the most interesting or useful, pick a few if you like the one with the most votes will win.

If you want a standard A pose just comment A Pose.

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