Skull Sketcher is the first of our real time applications for traditional artists. Combining high resolution scanned human skulls with real time rendering technology we have been able to create a unique application that will allow artists to study, draw and sculpt from a real human skull. Unlike a desk top cast or internet reference images Skull Sketcher gives the artist full control over the lighting, position and shading of both the skull and the environment.


Windows PC only. 132 MB

Update :: Now features windowed mode and resolution select.

Key Features

  • Artist friendly interface. Simple to use controls and navigation similar to most 3d software packages
  • Customisable lighting. Create any lighting set-up you chose.
  • Sketch Mode. View the skulls as outline renders
  • Save Screen shots. Use the “Save Picture” button to save out as many screen shots as you like
  • Male and female. Easily switch between male and female skulls to compare the difference
  • Camera Effects. Photographic Tone mapping and Image sharpen effects allow you to create professional looking screen captures
  • Skull Visibility Controls. Hide areas of the skull to get a better look