Real 3D Scans

Anatomy 360 pose packs use full-colour full body 3d scans, captured with our state of the art 180 camera scanning system.

Complete Lighting Control

Anatomy 360 offers the user complete creative control over the lighting angles, intensity, and colour settings.

Drawing Tools

Our set of drawing tools includes a sketch mode, perspective grids, silhouette model and profile slice tools.


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Create dramatic beautiful lighting in seconds

Anatomy 360’s easy to use tools and interface allow artists to create dynamic lighting situations with just a few clicks

Advanced lighting tutorial



Dynamic Sketch Mode

Sketch mode allows you to create line art style images with dynamic shadows with the click of a button.

3D Perspective Grid

Our 3d perspective grid makes easy work of foreshortening and gives the artist truly accurate perspective reference.

Switchable textures

Anatomy 360 gives you the ability to easily switch between textured and non-textured models, making it easy to view underlying form.

Dynamic Lighting

Create beautiful lighting setups with anatomy 360’s suite of lighting tools, including Rim, fill, key and ambient lighting controls.

Save tools

Our save tools allow you save multiple lighting / shading and colour setups and come back to them at any time.

Colour controls and grading

Anatomy 360 includes a comprehensive suite of colour and grading tools, perfect for creating beautiful images and reference material.

Motion packs

Anatomy 360 motion packs contain multiple poses captured in quick succession in order to show a range of movement with 100% realistic musculature.


What is Anatomy360?

Anatomy 360 represents a stepchange in photographic reference. Working from 2D images can be tricky, Anatomy 360 changes everything by allowing you to rotate, light and shade the model exactly how you want it.

Benefits of 3D photography

  • View models from any angle
  • Relight and shade as you see fit
  • Sketch tools allow you to view real 3d perspective grids and silhouettes from any angle
  • Save as many images from as many angles as you like
  • Create your own stunning photorealistic images


Brian Wade

“Anatomy 360 is an absolute must for all artist be they Painters, Illustrators, Traditional or Digital Sculptors, that are looking for an easy solution to observe and study, the human figure.”

Brian WadeSpectral Motion.

Anatomy 360 Pose packs and bundles available now.

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