Firstly we want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our very first competition. Voting is now closed and we have compiled all the data and our judges have made their final decisions. It wasn’t easy to judge and we understand that an audience vote is not always fair especially when some artists have much larger social media followings at their disposal. With this in mind, we worked out an audience score based on a vote to view ratio. We divided the number of votes by the number of views in order to get a fair audience score. The top voted for artworks where then judged and given a score out of 5 which was added to the voting scores to determine the winners. We are sorry if you didn’t make it into the top 3 this time but we have to respect the audience vote.

First Place

The Inevitable
By Daniel Williams

Second Place

The Vampire God
By Breno Franco Salles

Trumpet of Defiance: Part 2
By Dana Younger

Beginning of the end
By Elain Estival

Weapon X Zbrush Sculpt
By Exequiel Devoto

Third Place

Social Media 
By Stweart Lewis

By MystudioV

By Andres Cepeda

By Donna Urdinov

By Berkant91

Naked Anger
By Umut Onur

Honourable mention

Both Dust by Brayden and Wolf Man by Alex Ogle were favorites of our judges, unfortunately, they didn’t get the audience vote we felt they should of as such we have awarded them an honorable mention and the same prize as 3rd Pace.

Runners up

All other entrants 
Thank you so much for taking the time to enter, by way of saying thank you we are issuing the runners-up prize to all our entrants.