[solver back=”Back” solved=”Required Licence” ] [question_l1 question=”How would you describe yourself”] [option_l1 option=”Company” answer=”Please purchase a commercial license for the correct number of users”] [/option_l1] [option_l1 option=”Individual”] [question_l2 question=”Are you using Anatomy 360 for a commercial project e.g. will you be paid for the project you are using it for? “] [option_l2 option=”Yes” answer=”Commercial License”] [/option_l2] [option_l2 option=”No” answer=”Single User Private License”] [/option_l2] [option_l2 option=”Not sure yet” answer=”You can purchase a single user private license and upgrade if you need to.”] [/option_l2] [/question_l2] [/option_l1] [option_l1 option=”Individual working for a company”] [question_l2 question=”Will you be using Anatomy 360 at the company you work for?”] [option_l2 option=”Yes” answer=”Ask your workplace to purchase a commercial license for you”] [/option_l2] [option_l2 option=”No” answer=” Single User Private License”] [/option_l2] [/question_l2] [/option_l1] [option_l1 option=”Student” answer=”Single User Private license”] [/option_l1] [option_l1 option=”Educational Institution” answer=”Please contact us for multi user educational pricing”] [/option_l1] [/question_l1] [/solver]