20 x Female Clothing Reference Pack

20 x Female Clothing Reference Pose Pack

We’ve just released a new female clothing reference pack with 20 models to choose from. We have different variations and poses of each model which can be viewed lit and graded using the familiar Anatomy 360 tools. We’ve also included the handy pose selector window for this bundle.

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Included Poses



  • Daneythewaya /

    You guys are doing something absolutely amazing that’s going to change the art community in a massive way. The amount of features and poses you guys already have is extremely impressive. It would be even better if you could also move the camera to any angle desired. I hope you guys continue to move forward and improve your shop with many, many more poses especially dynamic ones!!

    • jamie@ten24.info /

      Thankyou! We will be working on loads of new poses and packs in the next few months. You can position the cameras wherever you like 🙂

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE sculpting with my Anatomy360 up and running. Your software is AMAZING.
    While you are considering new poses and packs can I put in a request for older / heavy weight models? THANKS SO MUCH!!

    • jamie@ten24.info /

      Thanks so much Patti, we will be working on a few new packs over the next couple of months, I’ll see what we can do with regards to the heavy weight models 🙂

  • I really looking forward to buy this pack.I do have a question.Can this model export it as Obj.

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