Morph based muscle deformation

  A quick experiment converting a scan sequence into a morph able mesh with the eventual aim of creating a fully pose-able model with realistic muscle deformation. We used Wrap X to quickly transfer the high res scans to a base mesh and then Lightwave 3D to create the morph targets. In order for this […]

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Animal Skulls

Quite a few people asked us if we can scan animal skulls and the answer to that question is, yes we can 🙂 Below are a few examples that we will be available on the site when it launches. Goat Skull Gorilla Skull     Roe Skull

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Anatomy 360 Test Model

This is a very early test model, running on a browser.. We have cut back a log of the functions seen in the previous videos, we want to get your feedback purely on the quality of the model and the lighting. So anything you can contribute via the comments below would be really helpful.. Note […]

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