Anatomy 360 Test Model

This is a very early test model, running on a browser.. We have cut back a log of the functions seen in the previous videos, we want to get your feedback purely on the quality of the model and the lighting. So anything you can contribute via the comments below would be really helpful..

Note :: This requires the Unity Web Player plugin we will be moving to WebGL as soon as Unity 5 is released

File size is about 10MB so please be patient.


Left Mouse Button :: Rotate Model

Middle Mouse Button :: Rotate Light

Scroll Wheel :: Zoom



  • I think it looks great. I like the different modes as well as being able to rotate the light. I couldn’t zoom in Safari. My scroll wheel just scrolled the page (Safari 7.0.6). Scroll works zoom just fine in Firefox.

    • Thanks Dave, Glad you like it 🙂 Ill have a look into the Safari thing, A Mac will be arriving tomorrow so we can test it properly also a lot of people are asking for a Mac Skull Sketcher so Ill need to get that exported and working properly..

  • This looks great! I would say that for improvements I would suggest sliders for specularity, albedo value and any other pertinent variable that might help viewers. Perspective camera slider as well! I know you are adding in a bunch of other stuff but I thought I’d include these other ideas just in case. I think if you have multiple poses that can be viewed I’d love to see a slider morph between them. Navigation will need a pan feature so that when zoomed in you can view the area you want. Mode is abstract of a term. I’d like it to be more specific. So for this specific viewer mode is more or less a material and texture swap. A term that fits that better would be nice. Also, having different lighting rigs to go back and fourth from would be nice. Again, sliders would be great for lights as well. Great start! I love it.

    • Hey Kenzie

      Thanks for this 🙂 Im glad you like it. Pretty much everything you have mentioned here is already in our full version app but its a bit rough and needs a lot of work to get it production ready. Sorry about the “Mode” that will change in the next version and like you say some preset lighting setups would be a nice addition. We will have full slider control for the spec, diffuse and ambient light on the model its self as well as for the background. How was the load time? did it seem excessive its almost 10MB.

  • Definitely fascinating! I can see so much value in this for being able to work with poses for drawing. I loved especially the ability to change the angle of the light though it was a bit clumsy because I do not have a proper middle mouse button. My middle button is my scroll wheel and pressing this plus dragging to set the light zoomed my model at the same time. How many mouses with middle button are out there? It would probably be better to use a switch option to do everything with the left mouse button or a short cut of some sort. It would also be nice to be able to safe different poses to decide later which one to take or to come back after the customer made a choice. Also a revert to original button would be useful to be able to go back to a standard pose when one has messed things up.
    On a technical sidenote: I was astonished how easy it was to install the necessary plug-in for viewing the content in the browser. I did not even restart my browser after installation because it loaded automatically. I’m used meanwhile that content is not loading properly because my Mac is so old, but your website worked without the slightest problem. What a positive surprise! (My system is a Mac Pro 1.1 with Snow Leopard 10.6.8, Browser: Safari 5.1.10)

    • Cool, point taken with the middle mouse button.. the Right button isn’t doing anything at the moment so I could switch it to that but perhaps like you say a switch would make things easier, or perhaps an “alt+Click” to rotate the light?
      I’m glad it all worked well on your Mac that’s good news for us too as we haven’t tested it yet 🙂

  • Hi guys, very nice app. The issue I want to report is that the viewer don´t work if I use a wacom bamboo tablet (I can pick the buttons but I cannot spin the model , place the light and zoom )… you should take this into consideration because there are a lot of artist that don´t use mouse, so maybe there should be a couple of icons to solve those things.

    P.S. I am a Unity3d user and I think you should add some collider to the camera to avoid object interpenetrations.

    keep the good work!!!

  • I cannot use the scroll wheel or middle click options as I do not use a mouse. Tablet pens only have a left and a right click. If this is indeed for artist use it seems prudent to make it so it can be used with a tablet pen.

  • Update: The left mouse click + drag does not work on the tablet either.

  • For some reason it’s not working on chrome eventhough I have installed unity plugin and waited for quit a bit of time

    • There seems to be a few people reporting issues with chrome, however its more than likely a video card issue.. Dont worry though when unity 5 is released we will be using WebGL rather than the unity plugin so there should be compatibility across the board.

  • Worked really well on Safari. It didn’t work fro chrome, even though I installed the Unity webplayer.

    • There seems to be a Chrome issue 🙂 the final product will be WebGL so there shouldn’t be any issues with the unity plugin, which is a bit old now 🙂

  • It looks really good!

    Just some artistic issues, you could have better definition at the back of the knee.. not a big deal. Also I don’t like it to be black at the beginning, but then you realise you can change the mode, (not bad…) Maybe with Boolean button for lights and then five modes wich you can switch? I like how it rotates with the mouse, I am doing a Unity viewer for 3D print models and we have some issues with that, could you help us with this, some advice?

    Does it make multiple meshes when you import the model at Unity as well?

    I can’t say anything bad about this work, it looks great, just change the background so it would not be so black, black is bad I think, just having in mind the rule about mid tones, try to save black for really important shadow details, not making all shadow. But it is just.. an opinion.

    Nice job!!

    • Thanks Alfonso

      No problem with the background we will include a full set of controls for that in the next build 🙂 if you want to chat about viewers feel free to send me an email The reason it imports multiple meshes is because you have hit the hard limit for polygons set by unity, so it splits the mesh up..

  • This is a really amazing tool! The different modes really are wonderful to have as it gives different looks and takes on how the light will fall on the body. The controls are very simple to use which i like, however i think you should add a Right Button feature to drag the model around, as when i zoom in too far the head and feet get cut off with no way of moving the model around in the space aside from rotation. On a technical side point, i did notice it took a good bit to load, and even now i can hear my computer running pretty heavy to keep it open. My computer is a bit old and needs updating, but it still has a 2.5ghz dual core processor which should be able to handle something like this with more ease. So idk if there are a few things you could do to optimize this in Unity, as i know Unity isn’t the best for in hand optimization. Just something to think about, as not all artists have access to a powerful computer build.

    All in all i think this tool is great so far, and can only get better with tweaks and additions. Keep it up! As an artist, a tool like this is a bloody dream~

    • Thanks for the detailed feedback Eric 🙂

      we are going to integrate a full free floating camera mode into the next build so that should solve the issue.. The file its self is about 10MB and its using 2k textures for both colour and normal, I could include quality controls to ramp the detail level up and down depending on the speed of the computer you are using? We will keep tweaking!

  • Very impressed with the detail of the model, and the smoothness of moving, both the model and the lighting. Had to get quite close before the resolution of the model was visible! Lighting looks good.

    Things I’d like to see (which you may already be adding / have added):

    Panning the camera as well as rotating
    An option to rotate the camera rather than the model (i.e. the relationship between model and lighting stays the same, you change the angle of the camera).

    But as a simple demo, this is really cool!

    • Thanks Michael 🙂

      Yes we can do all the things your suggesting and I will make sure both free camera and panning as well as lighting adjustment controls are all in the next build.

  • Hi I am Mike the producer of ‘All Things 3D’ and would love do an interview with your group on this capability and the process you go through to create your detailed models. The interviews are about 30-40 minutes and and the scheduling is flexible. You can reach me at or at the address above.

    On ‘Anatomy 360’ The results are fantastic and it never ceases to amaze me what people can do with Unity. I too am waiting with bated breath on what Unity 5 will bring, as you mentioned true WebGL functionality and many other features.

    Functionally, the program works and the use of the scroll wheel should not be changed. A number of my mesh and solid modeling programs use a scroll wheel very similar to your use, and it was very intuitive for me personally. I can see how this would be limiting to someone with no scroll wheel, but I would think by now that is the minority. I would look into using the keyboard keys normally used to enable these feature in other 3D apps.

    I am using Chrome beta 64 and other than having to enable the Unity plug-in, it works fine, as the Unity web plug-in has over the years. The model did not take very long to load on my system and Unity’s progress bar informs you of this, but maybe the model size should be identified for those who are using a 3G or a 4G connection.

    Since you are using Unity are you going to create a standard neutral animation pose and rig it? I would think it would not be that hard to do so and then run it through a series of animation sequences by separate controls to see how well the model deforms. I don’t know if this has been done already, but I can see your fabulous models being used in this way.

    I am hoping to expand upon my questions in the interview.

    • Hi Mike and thanks for all the kind words.. Yes we could do an interview but were pretty busy at the moment trying to get lots of projects out the door as well as get A360 off the ground.. if you want to mail me at we can have a chat about it..

  • I’m seriously pumped for this. As with a few mentioned comments before – a camera pan feature would make it even more of an ideal app – specifically for those who may want some dramatic lighting and want to focus in on maybe the face for a portrait. Regardless, this is really great! It runs smooth in Chrome and I’ve yet to try it in other browsers. Waiting for more!

  • this is awesome :D! Working smoothly on chrome for windows 7.
    the model rotates very smoothly even on my slower internet connection and the lighting is effective.
    of course it looks best not zoomed in to the point where forms are abstracted, when the textures lose some flare, but really really cool!!

    (Are you planning on incorporating a panning feature? As well perhaps small tabs, or a simple lil pop up menu for switching modes, in lieu of the singular button?)

    • Cheers Robbie

      Yes we will have a tabbed GUI with all lots of different camera / lighting modes so you can compose you scene as you like 🙂

  • Looks great, very excited in the new direction your taking this! It is a breakthrough in reference for the 3D sculptor.

  • Amazing work! The rotate and zoom was very smooth and the details on the model itself rendered perfectly. Lighting is nice, though I’m definitely glad to hear there will be options to change up the lighting as needed, though the current lighting and texture options are rendered really nicely.

    Only slight issue I had was when I tried to work outside of the Unity box. Unity itself didn’t lag when interacting with the model, but if I tried to scroll down the page (to comment) or even change tabs Firefox would lag to the point it locked up almost completely. I had to force-quit the Unity plugin to unfreeze my browser. Not sure if this is unique to my computer or not, but just thought I’d mention it.
    Great first test! Looking forward to more development and the release! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 yea we have had a few problems with unity and page scrolling.. We will be switching to WebGL and away from the unity viewer, which is pretty old and clunky now so that should solve these problems..

  • SaucyPlebeian /

    I agree with other commenters that a short cut would be a good alternative for more dragging features; my mouse wheel works fine to drag, but I wanted to drag what part of the model was in frame when I had zoomed in so I was wondering what you would set that to => short cuts.

    I think the model is fine, and I love love love the different lighting (Rim lighting is going to be a lifesaver for me, I have so little experience with lighting). So I’d just like to second the ‘save current settings’ feature so that instead of saving a static print screen, we could easily reload that particular setup with that model so we can see how it looks from other angles.

    • Thankyou..

      We will look at the controls and the Alt drag options in the next build, im glad you liked the rim lighter, it does really help to pick out the form.. We will also do a save camera and lighting setup you you can go back to your saved configuration at any time.. There will be a save image function too 🙂

  • Overall, I like it. Great to see this progressing along!

    Here are a few thoughts I had while viewing:
    * Download is pretty slow. Could maybe use 1/10th the mesh resolution and still be very usable. I think it might get much slower once multiple poses are available.
    * Camera pan, as mentioned already. If I’m drawing heads for example, currently I can’t see the head closeup unless I’m looking directly down or up.
    * Adjustable camera pivot. Would be nice to center it on the head, or anywhere, for easier orbiting. Panning might solve this.
    * Remove the clothing. This is an anatomy resource, no need for modesty. It just gets in the way.
    * Let us rotate the key light below the floor. Bottom lighting for example. We can rotate the camera down there, why not the light?
    * Mode button could be renamed to match the current display. Switch names as we click on it. For example: Grayscale, Unlit, Lit, Plastic, Clay.

    • Cheer Eric, good feedback and all very valid point. The file size is about 10MB and its mostly the texture maps there are 2 x 2k texture maps on the model we could reduce them but it starts to blur the details and look a bit naff. Ill have a look into these next week before the new build.

      Camera pan is on its way as well as adjustable camera pivot as you have suggested.

      We will do full nude male scans very soon, this was out first test model and he wasn’t comfortable going fully nude.

      No probs with the 360 degree key light rotation we will put a positional indicator in there so it doesn’t get lost.

      The mode button will change as you suggested to show the current lighting setup

  • Work pretty good for me ! I’m on Windows 7 64 and I use Firefox.

    Only thinks for me is the zoom. I don’t know if it’s possible to choose were we zoom, butt for the moment i can just zoom on his but or worst :p

    After that, good job !

  • That’s awesome!

    I would like to suggest some things that (im sure you have been thought about it but anyways):

    1- Control of the light direction

    2- Posibility to take screenshots (without loosing quality)

    Keep working guys!

    • The lighting direction can be controlled using the middle mouse button at the moment but there have been a lot of comments suggesting its not the best way to do it so we will change this in the next build. We will also integrate a screenshot button..

  • Middle mouse button is indeed a bit clumsy. ALT + click would be better for rotating the light. Save the right button for an eventual contextual menu, for example, a menu that cycles through all the poses available for this same model. Anyway, that’s a great tool. I’m glad I’ve found it! Keep up the good work!

  • Nice. Really good test. very useful. The loading time was pretty good over here… less than a minute to load the file (connected from Chile). For the amount of info that you get, seems very good. Is there going to be an option for local rotations (like zbrush or other softwares), for instance, if you click the hand of the guy, the camera could rotate around that point. Thinking beyond the possible limitations, have you guys thought about having some kind of “slice tool” to be able to see only parts of the model and/or see the shape of “sections”?
    Congrats! looking forward for the final app.

    • Thanks Gabriel

      Really great suggestion and we will look into doing a local rotation tool in the next few weeks. A few other people have suggested a slice tool as well so we will look at that too, I think it would be pretty easy to do.

  • Not loading on my Firefox on Ubuntu… Didn’t ask for the plugins. Iĺl try to check them out

    • They Ranna, sorry about that, the unity player app is old and clunky we will be switching to webGL as soon as unity 5 is available so this should solve your problems.

  • Very good work, very promising.

    As some others mentioned, I miss some controls using the camera: pano, spin, focus, etc. + an option to store selected views.

    It would be nice to have options to select parts of the model (ex.: only head, torso, left leg, right foot) and hide the rest of the model, so you can see isolated parts or volumes. Maybe this could be done preparing polygroups in Zbrush and uploading different versions of the model (all model, only head, only torso, only arms, etc.).

    Related to take advantage of a 3D scan model, an option to create and check cross sections could be great, too. Hope it makes sense.

    Thanks for your work!

    • Hey Ricardo, it all makes perfect sense and some slice / hide tools would be an amazing addition, Ill look into it very soon. Don’t worry about the controls we will be introducing a full free floating camera with perspective controls very soon 🙂

  • Great job! The real life model looks amazing! I do have some suggestions in an user’s point of view.

    First, in some of the viewing mode, the edge of the shadow is blended with the black background, It’s hard to tell where the shape ends. I wish there’s little bit of global illumination on the background, so the user can clearly see the edges of the shade. More reflection will slow down the render process I suppose, but I do think that little bit of difference comes really useful.

    Second, I wish I can zoom in closer, and use different perspectives to observe the model. A wide angle point of view can really help me to create some dramatic poses, and actually figures in perspective is what I need the most for reference.

    Thank you for developing such great app, I hope it comes to a big success!

    • Thanks Youyang..

      We will have an ambient intensity control in the next version as well as background brightness and colour controls so this should sort out the problems you are having? There will also be perspective control and a free camera option so you can fully control how the scene is composed..

  • Dark Matter Art /

    Almost perfect! My only critique would be the addition of a light direction indicator in the top corner so we don’t have to rely on just where the shadow is. And a possible ability to export/save as an image file.

    • Nice one Paul! yea we will put a shaded sphere in the GUI to indicate light direction and there will be a save to .jpg option as well 🙂

  • Other than the lack of panning, everything else is looking awesome. Great work!

  • This is amazing! I’m using the Chrome browser and it’s worked great. I can’t wait to see the full version! This will be a godsend for all artists!

  • Francis Bezooyen /

    Very cool:)

    It looks like the rim light is locked to the camera. It would be useful to have the option to lock it to the scene instead.

  • Anfrank Ponce Aporta /

    Very great work. A bit slow on Chrome but so amazing!
    Waiting for news.

    • Thanks Anfrank, we will work on optimizing it a bit more so it runs faster or perhaps including quality options to improve performance on slower machines.

  • This is great so far.
    On Chrome mouse wheel scrolling was also moving the page up and down, a little odd.
    Mode option is fantastic. Maybe an mode to show normals and separate shader controls to adjust specular would be fantastic.

    Really looking forward to this as a resource.

    • Thanks Jacob, I think based on the feedback so far we are going to do away with the middle mouse and wheel scroll completely and just use and Alt+click to do zoom and light rotations. We will also be integrating a full shader control system in the next week.

  • Lawrence Montague-Gibson /

    Looking really good.Not slowing down like the previous Skull did.I would just echo what others are saying in that it really needs a camera pan facility.

    • Thanks 🙂 yea this version has been optomised a lot more than the skull sketcher.. No probs with the Pan, that’s coming next

  • Hi, I get a corrupt data file when I try to load it. It says it’s not a unity web player file. I’m using firefox.

  • Hopefully this isn’t a double post – my last comment didn’t seem to submit.

    Looks really cool! One thing that I think would improve it is if you could add the option to toggle off cast shadows. I think in most cases a shadow cast for example from the hand onto the thigh is just distracting.

    • Sorry Alexander we have to approve posts before they show up, there are a lot of spam bots out there that want to post ads for penis enlargement on our blog 🙂 Yes turning the shadow casting off is really easy to do we have already implemented it in the skull sketcher app so we will get it onto the web version in the next build.

  • Hi Guys,

    Looking good. My suggestions are:

    More control over the lights, especially the specularity. Also an option to change the backdrop colour in all modes.

    Keyboard equivalents for zoom, scroll, pan etc.

    Most other things covered in all other comments

    • Cheers Mark. Not a problem with the specularity we will do the same with diffuse and ambient as well as the background colours as you have suggested.. Ill look into better keyboard control as well.

  • This is great so far. I like the different lighting modes. I feel like the controls could be a lot better. Also I could not rotate the camera nor light with my wacom Intuos4 pen but it worked with a mouse.

    • Thanks George. Im afraid there isnt much we can do about the Wacom, there may be a unity plugin to allow it to be used so ill have a look today but it might be a case of mouse only Im afraid.

  • This looks fantastic! It loaded pretty quickly in Chrome and Firefox in Windows 7 (~30 sec) and it runs pretty smoothly in both. I think the model and lighting look just great. The quality of your scans is just incredible

    I agree with some of the other comments about the middle mouse button feeling a bit awkward for the lights. I’d prefer a CTRL or ALT + Right button.

    I think it would be nice to have an option to save the current camera and light setup.

    • Cheers 🙂

      We will fix the middle mouse issue asap and you are right about the saving current camera position and lighting, that would be a great feature!

  • Fantastic work!
    Some of my comments will be echoing some of the comments others have said, hope you don’t mind.

    Browser = Chrome
    OS = Windows 7

    Will test again on OSX

    1. Quality of Model
    Generally its great. But hair and facial hair could do with more work. I understand its difficult to clean up, this being based on a scan. But that’s the only part letting this asset down. With that said, I don’t think that issues is a deal breaker, if your time and budget permits, please consider it a “Nice to have”

    2. Lighting
    Add a “reset light to default position/location” button or shortcut. I got carried away with moving the lights around the model, and then spent a bit of time getting it back to where it originally was. Also add option to switch between different types of light rigs

    3. Load times
    I am not entirely sure what your end product will be and so my comments regarding load time may not be fully objective enough with out taken the bigger picture into account. But with that said, I found it bearable, of course if you can get it lower and retain the same quality of model seen on screen that would be great. I saw in a post you mentioned it will be an “app” if so, would your team be able to implement a caching feature? e.g. the first load time for an asset would be the longest, but if you come back to the app and load the same asset again, because it was viewed before, henceforth subsequent loading is either non-existent or dramatically reduced.

    4. Navigation
    Please add a pan feature. Currently when you zoom in you eventually end up staring at the crotch and ass… be nice to be able to pan around the model and see some of the amazing details in other locations.

    5. Camera
    When the camera reaches maximum zoom in, it clips through the model. If possible please cap the zoom in distance so it doesn’t go through the model.

    6. Buttons
    Shortcut to hide all buttons so can just focus on the model, maybe even have them disappear over a short period of time and re-appear when navigating the model.. even better if you could implement both options.

    • Wow thanks for the detailed feedback, much appreciated!

      1. Quality of Model

      There isnt much we can do with hair and facial hair, although we could spend hours cleaning it the emphasis has to be on the number of scans we can realistically get on the site and we cant devote enough time to fixing hair as we would like. The better option for us is to make sure our models are clean shaven with short hair.. For the main time anyway.

      2. Lighting

      Great Idea! consider it done 🙂

      3. Load times

      We can reduce the quality of the mesh quite a bit but the real memory hog is the texture map, to keep it crisp we have to use 2k textures for both the normal and the colour. We will also look into cachching but given the file size and the user base it might be very difficult for us to do it on our servers without some serious upgrades 🙂

      4. Navigation

      Pan feature is already implemented I just wanted to show a really simple viewer with the most basic controls to get a first round of feedback. The next version will have Panning and the above requested control changes.

      5. Camera

      Ill sort that out today.

      6. Buttons

      Not a problem at all.

      Once again thanks for the great feedback.. This stuff is invaluable to us..

  • Hi, I’m using an Intuos 3 Mouse on the latest Chrome browser. Mouse scroll wheel zoomed in and out, but my left mouse button and middle mouse button didn’t do anything.

    • Its strange that the left mouse button didnt do anything its pretty much standard across the board? I have an Intuos mouse here Ill check it out today.

  • I haven’t quite checked out the model since since Unity is downloading (for chrome) but a suggestion I have would be to have something else instead of the scroll wheel to zoom in and out since I work from a laptop (or even a mobile device most of the time). I have not checked over any other comments pertaining to the model, or have checked the model out as of yet, but this is just a little note I guess

    • No problem Erika we will change the scroll wheel zoom today, it’s causing a lot of problems for everyone 🙂

  • Great work!
    Please remove the modesty cloth: it serves no purpose and is a distraction.
    And the ability to pan on different body parts, like face or hands and zoom in on those specifically would be great.

    • Thanks Ryan..

      Im afraid he was scanned like that 🙂 We will be doing male nude scans very soon.. And yes we will be working on the camera next so you can expect a proper free camera with the ability to focus on any part of the model.

  • From a 2D point everything is on point. well defined anatomy, shading is dramatic, and over all a very good reference.

    I’m using Chrome and it seems that my middle click is my right click when it comes to rotating the light.

    critiques: there is a lack of planning so I could not get to the specific details, though I did not mind where the zoom led me. and I’m sure this is simply a removed function. additionally the model is too handsome.

    On a serious note. I look forward to this, it’s always been hard to find references for poses. I do hope this a very wide range of poses. and hopefully a large range of physique types.

    • Thanks Korichi

      It seems the middle click is an issue for a lot of poeple so we will change that to an Alt+Left click. Also we are going to introduce panning so you can move up and down the model as well as just zoom.

  • CrowtherLindeque /

    Firstly I’d like to say this is an awesome concept, and it seems really promising.

    I however to have 3 points I’d like to make:

    1. There seems to be aliasing on the model (maybe it is only due to the browser-based version), and that puts me off.

    2. The textures aren’t as high res as I would’ve liked when I zoom close to the model.

    3. I can’t find any way to pan the model, which would provide some issues with regards to the artist maybe wanting a close-up shot of only the foot.

    Anyways, I haven’t read through the comments, so I’m sorry if I raised points that have already been addressed. Overall though I’m amped for the project, and looking forward to all the benefits it can hold in store for artists:)

    • Thank you so much 🙂 were glad you like it..

      We can put a switch in to turn the AA on and off?

      The textures are 2k at the moment increasing them any further will result in drastically longer loading times. we can go up to 8k but so far there hasnt been any other comments and im afraid is something were going to have to sacrifice for download speed. perhaps we could include and HD option like youtube to swap the textures out for high res ones once the player has loaded?

      We will be introducing a new free camera on the next build 🙂

      No worries thanks for the feedback its always welcome and if people say it more than once it just means its something we really need to look at 🙂

  • Wow! I love this. Tell me you will release the program…. please~ I will waiting for this.

    Oh! I prefer male nude models too. If you can do, that will be really great

  • Excellent!!! It will be very good to have application like skull sketcher with this possibilities. Thumbs up for you guys!


  • Unfortunately, I could only zoom and click the buttons.
    Rotate the model and the light does not work here in intous 4

  • On win7 with Firefox it works really well and it’s quite responsive.
    I agree with many comments about what should be implemented; the ability to pan is the one that I missed the most, shadows can be a bit distracting but not that problematic. The model itself could have some more quality, but as reference material it’s great already.
    Nice job so far.

  • Brayton Scott /

    Determining the factors of the model were impressive.

    Ease of camera manipulation was friendly, but seems to be tracked to a focal point.

    Lighting factors were impressive.

  • Just wanted to pay my compliments. This is really cool and I immediately bookmarked to it as a reference. It answers at a glance intermediate anatomy questions. The beauty is in being able to gleam any angle in moments where as using image stills it can take a significant amount of time more to find something.

  • This is fantastic. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work you guys have put into this so from the bottom of my heart thank you. This will help so many artist and just so many creators out there. I am in love with this project and I send you all the love and encouragement I got!!! Keep it up team <3

    • Thankyou so much Luna that made me feel much better on a rain dark Wednesday morning here in the UK 🙂 we will keep at it..

  • Looks great to me as for now, this is the right direction in my opinion. Keep it up guys

  • Hey works great on chrome loaded in like 1 sec, super excited for this!! I dont know if this has already been mentioned in previous comments or whatever (not gonna read all that) so sorry if its repetitive but it would be awesome if I could select certain body parts or hide others, like if I just wanted to see the arm or a finger by themselves. I hope that makes sense! REALLY COOL WHAT YOUVE DONE HERE!!!! Thanks and take care

    • Thanks Bruce, yes other have mentioned this, I think we will look at doing it but for the moment we have to focus on getting the website up and running and some good content on there.. Thanks again 🙂

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