• I’m rather disappointed that you can’t change the camera angle , I wanted to see the models from a top view or from a low view and it turns out the camera is locked, and you can only rotate the model on a pivot, that’s much less useful for an artist.

  • Oh! I just found that you can change the camera angle holding alt and left click, my apologies for the previous comment, feel free to delete both of them if you wish to, Im completely happy with my purchase now.

    • jamie@ten24.info /

      No probs, if you click the little help button on the right-hand side all the controls are there. Also check out the tutorials page on the website 🙂

  • I got a lot of useful tips about pack body from this article. Thank you very much!
    I have another article about pack body. Maybe you will be interested in it^_^
    Salute Arc’Teryx — all analysis of ILBE pack system

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