To the best of our knowledge, these are the worlds first 100% accurate printed anatomy reference models. Our 3D scanning research and development has resulted in a system capable of capturing humans in motion, in any pose, in a fraction of a second. Combine this with 3D printing and we have something very special. These are not the result of hand sculpting. There is no estimation, measurements or guess work involved in their production. They are perfect representations, capturing true likeness in a moment in time.

This set is a prototype. Purely produced to gauge whether or not you guys would be interested in a product like this. There is room for improvement in terms of small detail, quality and finish. This is an early prototype after all.Β  If this proves to be something of interest to our audience.Β  We will begin to look into molding casting and mass production to produce a quality, cost effective, unique reference. Help us out by letting us know what you think, either in the comments or by registering your interest using the subscription form below. Thanks!


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Back-Movement-Close-up Chest-Movement-Close-up Front-Full-Body-Movement

LineupSide Line Up Front

Line Up Back





  • I can’t tell what size they’re printed at, but I would assume at least 6-8″ tall in order to have that level of detail. That makes me think this wouldn’t be too affordable, but I certainly do like the idea.

    • Anatomy360 /

      They are 20cm tall at the moment Dave, expensive to print but molding and casting could reduce costs dramatically.

  • I love the movement. It will probably be outside my financial ability.

  • This is awesome. I love to have this as references on my desk :). Hope they won’t be very expensive πŸ˜€

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thanks, Its hard to say how much it will cost we will need to look more into the casting process, we have someone in mind to do it so it shouldn’t be to difficult to figure out a price.

  • I could imagine with serial fabrication instead of printing 3D for single customers this would be affordable and such a cool product and reference help.

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thats our plan, 3D printing would be far to expensive, I cant say how much this prototype cost but it was a lot, way more than I would want to pay for some reference. We will have to looking into molding and casting processes to get the price down..

  • Love these, would absolutely buy them.

  • Rob Callicotte /

    Interesting. Curious about cost and also hope for female, too!

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thanks Rob, this was just a prototype so we are not sure about costs yet but we will be looking into it πŸ™‚

  • Would love to have these as reference. Great idea for the figurative art community and nice looking quality!

  • Kaleb Wyman /

    This will be very helpful for artists. I truly hope you’ll be able to mold and cast these to make an affordable reference set.
    It should be in the reference catalog of every art college library.

    I’ve seen some cool escorchΓ© and planar projects on kickstarter, but this is next level reference for accurate surface anatomy!

    Looking forward to more…

  • I draw a lot of pin ups so would like something like this with a ‘sexy’ female figure, that would help me out when drawing, so it is something I would want to purchase but a huge factor would be the price.
    Would you be doing this with a female model too or just sticking with this male character for the first print?

    • Anatomy360 /

      Hey Stephen, yes for sure we have over 1000 scans in our library everything from overweight ladies to body builders theoretically we can produce Marquettes of any body shape we scan.. Cost is still undetermined as this was just a very expensive prototype. We will get back to you on that one πŸ˜‰

  • These look pretty cool, would definitely get these, but how many would I have to get in order to produce that full range of motion?

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thanks Jon, there are 6 models in this sequence, but it is part of a larger sequence of around 25 but if we were to put them into production we would probably just use these 6 and sell them as a set.

  • These look awesome, and pretty useful, to boot. You have my interest, for sure, but like just about every other commenter, price will be the determining factor

    • Anatomy360 /

      Cheers Israel, we completly understand about the price, its an unknown to us at the moment too so we will update the page as soon as we know more. Thanks for your feedback.

  • What you guys are trying to achieve is fabulous and I applaud every advance you make. As a traditional sculptor I do have a problem with any anatomical reference figures smaller than 1/3 life size. Roughly 24 inches. Smaller scales just don’t do it for me and are more of a novelty than a real working production tool. That said I think you have a unique product and look forward to your future products.

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thanks mark, these little guys are only 20cm tall so quite a bit under what you would consider to be useful, I will get some costings together for larger models although 6 of these at 24″ would take up quite a lot of desk space, would it be preferable just to have one in a neutral pose at 24″ and then a set like this to study the range of movement perhaps at bit smaller? Also Love your work πŸ˜‰

  • As a figurative sculptor I would love to be able to choose a pose and print pictures of it from every angle. Any plans for set him along those lines?

    • Anatomy360 /

      Absolutely Cheri, check out the demo of our digital app at on the menu at the top of the page πŸ™‚

  • Can you just purchase the digital models?

  • I Love this, its a very nice thing to be able to see the muscle movement on a person of this build accurately. As a Digital sculptor I would love to have access to this as i feel it would be an amazing reference to look at.

  • I love this idea, and I think you could take it in many directions. I’m certainly interested, so long as it isn’t priced out of my affordability.

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thats great to hear Steven, we are still looking into costings for a final product πŸ™‚

  • Amazing! I’d definitely buy them if they’re affordable. I got many reference models of a standard standing pose and I keep finding myself searching for other reference with different position of arms, these would be much helpful. Would love to see improvement of the small detail for sure, also more dynamic poses would be great:)

    • Anatomy360 /

      Thanks Ynorka, we will try to keep them as affordable as possible if we do decide to go ahead with production.. we have a vast library of scans so producing other dynamic poses shouldn’t be a problem..

  • Awesome idea. Definitely interesting if affordable.

  • As cool as the line-up is, you might want to consider casting them separately – This might already be your plan, but if not it would not only enable people to buy them separately / full set. But more importantly it would make working with a singular shape easier since you usually hold it in your hand and spin it quite often when using it as reference. (People could always line them up themselves, and worst case scenario you could always make a thin base for the full set to fasten onto)

    I’ve been using both Freedomofteach/Anatomytools and 3DTotal’s casts over years, but a cast of a proper 3D scan would be really welcome!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi , I think this a really good idea to make these , as someone said above the pose with the arms bent makes a big difference and action poses are great ,that it’s a real person is the next jump from ecorche , the 20 cm figures on kick starter come in between 60€ to 90€ , they are digitally printed to the best of my knowledge , some of the tooling can be seen on them , why not just try print one figure first in a multiple like a 100 or 500 and see if it sells .

  • these look great, seems like really nice print quality from those images, also great to have some solid reference for the scapulo-humeral rhythm and general articulation of upper body, invaluable reference for any character based artist. Would be very interested in buying!

  • I want it

  • I am curious about the 3D scanning cameras, would you like to share any information about them? Thanks!

  • Greg Smith /

    These are great. Have you started producing these yet. I am a teacher at a college , Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut Ca and I am very interested in using these for a tool for the students. What is the status please. you plan to a female figure as well. Great work!!!!! Greg Smith Sculptor/ Instructor

  • Gerald Ramos /

    For a good price-quality ratio, I’d seriously consider buying

  • Yes, if I could afford this would be absolutely helpful having on my desk. Please do!

  • Sign me up to buy one of these at 24″ high, if you go through with that. I teach at an art school, and can imagine using it regularly. Not having to pay for live models anymore makes it attractive, even at a high price…

  • Crocodile_king /

    That’s really interesting.. I would enjoy get some 3D prints of many bodies. Do you will create a kind of shop like that? I need this

    • /

      Hey. Yes we will be making a Shapeways store soon so you can print any of these models πŸ™‚

  • i do not have the ability to print my own stuff, would it be possible to buy these pre-printed?

  • any possible chance these are still coming out?

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