To the best of our knowledge, these are the worlds first 100% accurate printed anatomy reference models. Our 3D scanning research and development has resulted in a system capable of capturing humans in motion, in any pose, in a fraction of a second. Combine this with 3D printing and we have something very special. These are not the result of hand sculpting. There is no estimation, measurements or guess work involved in their production. They are perfect representations, capturing true likeness in a moment in time.

This set is a prototype. Purely produced to gauge whether or not you guys would be interested in a product like this. There is room for improvement in terms of small detail, quality and finish. This is an early prototype after all.Β  If this proves to be something of interest to our audience.Β  We will begin to look into molding casting and mass production to produce a quality, cost effective, unique reference. Help us out by letting us know what you think, either in the comments or by registering your interest using the subscription form below. Thanks!


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Back-Movement-Close-up Chest-Movement-Close-up Front-Full-Body-Movement

LineupSide Line Up Front

Line Up Back