New 10 x Male and Female Neutral Head Pack

High-resolution Head Scans

We’ve just released the first of many high-resolution head packs. This first product includes 10 Neutral expression heads of varying ages and ethnicities. A lot of people have been asking for expressions, don’t worry they will be coming. For each of the models shown here, we have at least 35 different expressions which we will start work on very soon.

View The 10 x Neutral Head Pack


Included Neutral Heads




  • I just purchased this. So amazing all the options, lighting, color, position and more, Very helpful as a reference and study guide, Thank you!

    • /

      Thanks so much Scot, We’re really glad you like it. If you do any cool work using please let us see 🙂

  • squidbeach /

    Just bought the package. Very impressed. Was quite disappointed to find that you cannot rotate the heads – you can only spin the heads (viewpoint) around a fixed vertical axes. It would be nice if future versions had a top view for example. Seems like it should be feasible.

  • squidbeach /

    Just figured out that the camera button allows additional rotation possibilities. This is the bomb. Great work. Keep the expansion packs coming.

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